New Idea I’ve Been Playing With

Warped Cosmos is not the only idea I have for a comic.  Warped Cosmos does burn brighter in my imagination more than any other idea though.  There are times other ideas pop into my head from the ether of space.  Who knows where they come from.  They just suddenly exist. They will not shut up until they are manifested into a physical form.

I have created a motley crew that is lost in space trying to find there way home.  The captain is no nonsense and she doesn’t take crap from anyone.  She has a dog like alien for a science officer.  Helping in piloting and navigating the ship are two clones that either speak at the same time or finish each others sentences.  They get on her nerves. All the time.  Her chief engineer is scrappy and is she is very handy with a wrench.  Their bodyguard is a robot but all he is useful for is lifting heavy things.  He knows no alien languages and the only languages he does know are English, Spanish, and Pig Latin.  Not very handy to have around.

The title is “Space Six”.  Play on words of space sick.  The name just popped in my head just like the idea.

They might populate the Warped universe.  It is very plausible if they do.  Though being lost in a far flung galaxy would make crossovers very difficult. I’m leaning toward a one shot graphic novel for “Space Six” though maybe one day they will have daily or semi-daily adventures.

Let me know what you think.

— Bob


Space Six