Exoplanets Have the Coolest Names


The Kepler mission has discovered many new worlds outside our solar system during its three year mission.  The latest news on two  of Kepler’s discoveries are worlds with similar mass and orbits like our own Earth.  Kepler-438b and Kepler-442b are the latest in a long list of discoveries from the Kepler mission.

We need more creative and imaginative names than Kepler-438b and Kepler 442b.  Let’s start naming them from other mythological tales like the Greek and Roman mythological beings were  used in the naming of celestial bodies in our Solar System.  I’m sure there are plenty of names we can find.

The amount of celestial bodies in the heavens needing names I think we will run out of mythological source material.  There needs to be a hierarchy then to cull from to name future discoveries.  I propose that after all mythological names are exhausted we move to cartoon characters. Comet Scooby, Planet Shagy, orbiting the star of Flintstone. These are much more memorable names and will inspire the youth of today to become the scientist and engineers of tomorrow.

Problem is solved.