A Baseball Loving Robot?!?

Baseball Glitch

Doctor Warped’s short, goofy little sidekick, Glitch, is strangely fond of baseball.  With the previous incarnation of the character this was not so.  I don’t think baseball was even a part of the initial Doctor Warped/Warped Cosmos universe, but my love of the game has seeped into the character.  Doctor Warped was a fan in some earlier drafts but this didn’t really add anything to his character.  Glitch was not in the initial early drafts.

Glitch is a little neurotic because as a robot you don’t think of them having those kinds of traits. Now a robot that likes baseball is something I have never heard of.  The setting of Warped Labs is in Philadelphia just minutes from where I live, so naturally Glitch would be a Phillies fan (though the character has stated that he has the ability to listen to every major league game and the Japan league as well).  Wally is too busy solving the Galaxy’s problems to follow sports and he’s perplexed how this love for the game manifested in Glitch, seeing as how he never programmed him for such a thing.

Glitch is not happy with how the Phillies played last year.  Neither am I, but we’re both looking forward to the 2015 season.

— Bob