Help Warped Cosmos Keep Making Comics


Steve and I posted 150 pages last year.  It was a lot of work and a lot of fun, as well.  This year we’d like to double that amount, but we need you (our loyal fans) to accomplish this.

“How can we help?” you might be asking.  Well, now there’s a way…

Patreon is a great site that helps artists, like ourselves, receive funding to keep doing what we do.  On a monthly basis you can donate whatever you like in return for some cool swag: like getting new pages before everyone else, behind the scenes access (with the Patreon activity steam), PDF collections, chances to win merchandise (like t-shirts, posters, prints and more), custom digital prints and even a walk on cameo appearance in the comic!   Warped Cosmos Patreon Supporters are treated like royalty around here.

Check out our Patreon site and support us, get lots of cool stuff,  and help us bring more Warped Cosmos to you.