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Warped Cosmos | Ripping Space-Time A New Black Hole
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Doctor Warped Redesign2a

Dr. Wallace Warped

DW is co-owner of Warped Labs: an exploration, research and development facility located in Philadelphia, Pa.  In Doc’s travels, he and the gang have dealt with killer robots, corrupt alien governments, doppelgangers, psycho cyborgs, and Inter-dimensional beings.  And that’s on a slow day.

Age: 35

From: Philadelphia, Pa. Earth.

Primary field: Theoretical physicist.

Secondary field: Astrophysics.

Other fields: Robotics.

Amanda Redesign

Dr. Amanda Carson

Amanda is co-owner of Warped Labs.

Age: 30

From: Philadelphia, Pa. Earth.

Primary field: Astrophysics.

Secondary field: Quantum mechanics.

Other fields: Engineering.

Henry Evens Character Sheet

Henry Evans

Henry is a long-time friend of Both Doc and Amanda, having worked with them at (the now defunct) Apex Labs, years ago.  Henry is Owner/operator of the Moon Spinner Interstellar Transport Company.  Doc is Henry’s most important customer, but that’s usually because Doc owes him the most money.

Age: 36

From: Philadelphia, Pa. Earth.

Primary field: Engineering.

Secondary field: Computer science.

Other fields: Astrobiology.

Glitch Character Sheet


Dr. Warped’s malfunctioning, but well-meaning, robot assistant and Phillies season ticket holder.  When Glitch isn’t working for the Doc, he’s likely to be at a home game.

Suzi Q Character Sheet


Amanda’s friendly, flighty know-it-all quantum computer, though her computing isn’t quite quantum.  Because of her Anti-gravity propulsion, Suzi-Q (can and often will) surprise you.

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